Make your dreams come true and make other peoples dreams come true too!

I remember in my early 20’s thinking my dream was to work my way up the ladder in a Corporate job..

After all that was how I thought the journey went..

You go to school
You go to University ( if you can get through paying student fees)
You graduate and work for someone else and after all you do get paid every month … it’s SAFE!

But I realised at the age of 28 that in fact that was not my dream and playing SAFE got me no further to my destination and I was very unhappy dreading my Sunday’s ( that “Sunday Feeling”)

I felt stuck
I felt a lot of Fear
I felt lack

It was like a bolt of lightning had hit me ( at the time it did, in another kind of way) but I knew if I really wanted the dream I was beginning to see I had to do something about it and embrace the fear and go for it..

Standing still doing the same thing last 8 years was getting me no way I was just in “the system” that’s how it felt..

So I did.. I started business number one..

Fast forward to now there has been lots of ups and downs but I’m so grateful I can sit here on this Sunday thinking about my week ahead and do what I love ❤️❤️ not having that “Sunday feeling” being in control of my destiny..


Continue on my journey to make my dream come true but most importantly helping other women make their dreams come true too!??

I can’t wait for the week to start ??

Let’s do this!!

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