Building a business is not something we think is the easiest thing to do at times but it sure is fun and one hell of an adventure if you let it be.

I have been building my own empire now for over a decade and the secrets to my own success is a simple one. I work on me every single day.

As an Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author, NLP Practitioner, Energy Healer, Motivational Map Business Practitioner and an ongoing student in Philosophy I truly believe to live the life you want and have the success you are meant for we need to work on the foundations and build from there.

My mission is to help as many people as I can around the Globe to Step into their Greatness with the help of my own unique system that I have developed over time and that works. You see I believe strongly we are all meant to do something great and be in our uniqueness and serve others to the best possible way that is aligned with our own individuality. The way that makes us feel abundance in all we do, feel happy and have a huge smile on our face when we wake up every single morning because we are doing what we are meant to do.

We all have choices and it’s those choices that makes the next morning you wake up be a great morning.

When it's not going to plan you still have a smile on your face because you know “I’ve got this” and “I can handle this” because you know you're taking action and taking the Steps to be in YOUR Greatness. Attracting more and more abundance in all that you do.

What is stopping everyone to live the life they want?

I believe it's the beliefs with money, confidence, skills they feel they don't have and never could have and for many it is the foundations we are born into, the limiting beliefs we have and the motivation to change and take action.

I have been there, to be honest every level I personally reach and evolve into the next version of me I am working on what I call another “pesky belief” we are like onions there is always another layer that needs working on.

Like so many of us, I have had events happen to me in my life that has made me think do I swim or sink?

From the age of 7 going into Foster Care, dealing with Drug addiction and alcoholism in the family, at the age of 14 dealing with learning difficulties with a reading age of 7. I could go on and if you would like to know my about my Story how I got to where I am now then please do read the book I am part of “When She Rises”

The last time I had to think “Rebecca it is Sink or Swim time” was when I was 27 and I gave birth to my first born Emily in 2008 and that is when my life really changed and I started my journey as an Entrepreneur and as a single parent. I have had failures and I have had successes and that is all part of the ride my friend, the important part of the journey is that you don't stop, you keep on going, your trust, you have patience. You have got this!, Good old perseverance and resilience!

I am proud to say I am a successful business women and I have businesses in Property, Mentoring and Coaching and I want to help others get to where they need to be and Step into their Greatness they rightly deserve and help all the way.

Do you want to know how?



Tatjana Obradovic-TosicTatjana Obradovic-TosicProductivity Strategist

Before I started to work with Rebecca, I was putting so many hours out there with crickets. Pure crickets. My mindset was far away from success one, and I knew I need help if I want to build my business. I have been working with Rebecca for 6 months now, and I am not planning to leave her. What can I say, I won a contract with the United Nations! My mindset, daily practice and knowledge switched in such a magical way. Entrepreneurship is hard, but she makes that process so fun and rewarding, that you will not regret a minute. Your business will grow, your client will come, but the major shift is in your confidence that you are with a right coach, at the right time, doing right things for yourself and your business.

Rebecca Cross is the type of mentor who not only helps you to scale your business, but she cares – every step of the way. With her guidance and Authentic business practices, I have learned and grown so much in a short time. Within my first months under her wing I successfully sold out two group programs back to back, and those same clients have gone on to become 1:1 clients. She’s a pure joy to work with, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is incredibly wise. All the while being transparent and always willing to share areas of her expertise. She is pure gold!

I feel so privileged to have worked with Rebecca. She’s amazing! Inspirational, intuitive, caring and supportive. She has such a positive personality.

Always responsive and helpful. Entrepreneurship can be lonely. I had someone wise to bounce my ideas with and help in clarifying my thoughts and plans. I set my goals. We monitored these on a weekly basis and this kept me focused and accountable; especially as I had to juggle so many things at the same time.

We achieved so much more than I imagined was possible in three months and it was nice to celebrate every win. I have gained a lot more than I expected. I have a friend who is a knowledgeable entrepreneur, authentic and very caring. Everyone needs a Rebecca Cross in their life.

Thank you, Rebecca.

I made my initial investment back within 8 weeks of our first coaching call! THAT felt so good.

The one thing that shone brightly on meeting Rebecca, actually one year before we began working together, was her personality. Rebecca is a breath of fresh air and literally radiates a positive vibe as soon as you meet her. What is also apparent immediately is her infectious enthusiasm and genuine sincere desire to help and support all her clients to the highest standard. She really is a true ambassador of women in business and not just that but believing in their ability to do business successfully! Something I needed at the time.

I quickly connected with her and we began working on my online health coaching business from the grassroots. I had no clear branding, clarity on my ideal client or even strategies in place. Rebecca addressed each of these immediately. I always felt incredibly supported and she reassuringly handheld me through each step and I learnt repeatable strategies that I can use again in the future.

Rebecca has a phenomenal ability to intuitively know what I needed. Giving me direction and guidance at the right time, in a clear concise foot-print to follow. She translated business jargon easily that would otherwise overwhelm and it felt like a light bulb had been turned on and she broke down the steps where I needed to support me further.

It wasn’t just her business savvy expertise that I found useful, Rebecca also used her knowledge of NLP (brain re-programming) and Energy Healing to remove blocks and limiting beliefs I was holding on to. She supported me through some challenging weeks and within 10 days of launching and delivering the first Master-class I had 100% return on my investment.

I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. If you want to take an idea into reality or up-scale to another level. With Rebecca’s help, you will make that happen! I am incredibly grateful for her knowledge, support and love throughout our time together.

Thank you so much.

Working with Rebecca is extremely empowering.

Before I started Rebecca's programme, I was unsure of my direction. I had an idea that I wanted to help women in business but I had no idea how to form that into a profitable business.

Rebecca has helped me to build a successful business strategy and get my business up and running within a short space of time. She is very high touch and supported me every step of the way. Rebecca has a world of knowledge and very passionate about what she does!

It has been a phenomenal journey and I can’t believe how much my confidence and self-belief has grown in such a short period of time.

Rebecca didn't just coach me but also became my friend which I will treasure.

Rebecca is very motivating and has incredible energy, you need to work with her to experience it.

Thank you so much, Rebecca! ❤

Rebecca is an amazing coach! She is so invested in her clients' success. She has gone the extra mile and provided me with so much accountability, guidance and support. Her energy is off the charts and her passion for her work is overflowing! Every budding entrepreneur needs to have a Rebecca by their side!

By week 3 of working with Rebecca, I had a strong foundation set, a new program on the rise, double my email list, and new members joining my group every single day. And an incredible boost of confidence like I've never felt!!

I first learned of Rebecca Cross in another group and the day I joined her group, I just knew something magical was about to happen.

I took on a side job that I manifested because I wanted to work with her so badly, and knew that I didn't bring in enough into my own business just yet. I knew she was exactly the authentic, transparent person I needed to be working with. I also knew waiting to work with her would be the worst thing to do.

Since signing on I've felt an amazing peace. Even my husband has noticed it. Yes, it has been hard work. Yes, I've done more in 3 short weeks than I've accomplished in 3 months - and not because I was lazy, but because I was spinning my wheels, getting in my own way, and second-guessing every little thing. Yes, I could still be doing that, but I knew I was part of the 5%, and I knew she was the one to help keep that fire lit under me.

Now, I know what I need to do, and I go out there and do it. Results happen when you put the work in. I'm seriously in awe of what all has transpired so far, and I have many more weeks ahead of me still.

I never knew it could be like this. There's no second-guessing when it comes to working with this amazing woman who gives and cares so much. You can't help but make sure you give her 150% because she gives you that too.

I'm so proud to have Rebecca as my mentor!!!

I am so glad to connect with Rebecca. She is such a ball of sunshine in the online world and I am so grateful for the generous knowledge she shared with me during our 1-on-1 conversations on Messenger and most of all inside our group coaching program which helped me propel my business forward and in a rapid rate.

Without Rebecca's guidance within those 5 weeks, it would have taken me such a long time to learn incredible ways on how I can shift my business forward. So grateful for this amazing woman!

This is what I would love to express my gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness for knowing you, "meeting" you and getting you as my coach!

Since I have started to turn my hobby into a passion, I have bumped into many coaches and even hired a few. But none gave me the results as I wanted. In fact, I don't feel the connection with them at all until I have met you! *Sounds like a love story*

You are the most dedicated coach I have met. Someone who really helps and guides me (who knows nuts about business) to get into business for real and still doing something I love. You have opened my eyes wide and showed me the way on how to get things done.

I've learned so much from you and yes definitely NO BULLSHIT from this high vibe Rebecca!

Warning Long Post because I have a lot to say about Rebecca Cross. (Mrs you may need tissues so don't read before a call) I Warned you!! ?

I am about to come to the end of my time working with Rebecca on a 1:1 basis and honestly, I want to cry.

I have had a coach before and the coach was all about the money and didn't really see my needs, just told me how to do it and not why to do it.

When I first met Rebecca it was by chance, I invited her to be on my blog and she invited me to be on her podcast. I went on the podcast and I was so awkward and almost burst into tears but my messaged carried me through.

I then took part in one of Rebecca's masterclasses and rocked my business making a 900% return on my investment.

I enrolled as a 1:1 client and spread the cost over 3 cards as I knew I needed this, I needed her. We started working together and after the launch of my first masterclass my first call bang client $2500k, unfortunately, that client then changed her mind.

It was all part of the plan as I had been working on myself and my spiritual awakening. When I went into a very long meditation, I was given the information that I was put here to heal women on a spiritual level. So, I said "Um I want to change my business" 6 weeks into our 12-week programme.

I think most coaches would have had a meltdown but Rebecca knew me enough to know I was right on this and backed me all the way.

Since this, I am feeling so much better and the business is building the foundations to what I know and have been told by "the divine" is going to be an amazing business.

I have also in this time co-authored in a book, which became a no1 best seller, been in the newspaper, and am going on the Radio next week.

I had flashbacks to that awkward podcast and thought blimey you are going on the radio women. I also started my own podcast too!

I know hand on my heart this is all because of the work I have done with Rebecca and the amount of support she has given me.

I don't really recognise who I was 12 weeks ago.

I know our time together is not finished, and we are friends for life.

She is part of my soul family as she came to me when I needed someone, and she helped me find myself and my purpose. She has changed me into a woman I love and admire.

If you want someone who will be there for you and love you, guide you, but also make you own up to your shit and get your results she is the one.

I could not recommend her enough.

Love you, lady, ?

p.s. her singing on voice notes was worth the investment alone... no one does that in this industry as she does. FACT!!

I'm just entering week 2 of working 1:1 with Rebecca and I need to share this: 'I’m so pumped!!!

I've invested in more than a handful of coaches for the past 2 years and I have to say that Rebecca has a unique style, a mix of coaching + mentorship + unwavering support for every step of the way.

This process that she's facilitating for me is so different from all I've gone through before. What I'm familiar with is the usual coaching program wherein I lead and I control the topic for the session but working with her is different. I still have the chance to raise whatever topic I want but she has a whole process structured for me - specifically for me and my business!!

Where other programs have more of a leader/follower setup, I see Rebecca and I more as a partnership with her guiding, me taking action, and us tweaking the process to make it work for my specific case. I'm so happy and so excited, knowing that with this energy, I can most definitely achieve my goals for this program. This is so important for me because I've been burned by coaches before. But I chose to trust again through Rebecca.

I'm born and raised in the Philippines, a third world country, where the currency conversion adds significantly to the weight of the investment - and yet, I'm here. I became resourceful and more disciplined with gathering the money I needed to invest because I value my own growth and I know working with Rebecca can bring me where I needed to be. ?

So, where do I start...

I guess it was about 4 months ago my journey into entrepreneurship started.

I read a book called "She who Dares" and joined Sarah and Abigail's group.

On there I simply asked the question "Does anyone know anything about property and could give me some advice?"

Well, I have to say that being a massive believer in things happening for a reason I was then contacted by the incredible Rebecca.

From that 1st conversation, I knew there was something special about this lady. I knew we could make magic happen and felt there was an immediate connection. I felt I could trust that she knew what she was doing in business and there was no "BS" (As she likes to call it!).

So, I signed up for her 3 months 1:1 mentoring programme. It was literally life-changing! I'm about to start a 1-year mentoring programme with a hugely successful property company, am inches away from my 1st deal and have the vision and goals to succeed as a confident businesswoman in 2019.

Without Rebecca, I would be plodding along in my 9-5 wondering every day what else the world had to offer. Well, now it feels like I'm about to find out. I'm hungry, passionate, focused, dedicated and will be holding Mrs Cross very close by to help me do whatever it takes to succeed. Loves you, lady.

"Rebecca believed in me every step of the way and inspired me to build the business that I deserve, which on my own I may not have done or may have taken much longer to achieve. Her business knowledge and techniques allow you to build a business that hits the ground running with very little financial investment. Highly recommended!"

Rebecca was my Coach for 3 months and wow, definitely the best 3 months of my business life. From our very first call, I saw results. Results in my attitude, my mindset, my relationships (both personal and business) and massive results in my business.

I had been running my business for 4 years when Rebecca and I connected and in the 3 months that we worked together my business grew more than it ever had in those 4 years. I was able to after just under 2 months of us working together, quit my part-time employed role with confidence and I haven’t looked back.

Not only did she up-skill me and teach me things about different software to use, how to integrate that software, how to automate certain functions and how to bring it all together, she taught me how to be the absolute best version of myself. From the off, she would always be able to tell what frame of mind I was in and cater for that often stamping out any doubts that I may have had about what I was doing. It’s like I can visually see myself heading down a path, the wrong one, and she would literally pick me up and set me back on the correct one and all those doubts would disappear.

We worked on, and continuously worked on, my visions and to say that some of my visions were, at the time, a little extravagant, is an understatement but they all became reality.

Rebecca has the most incredible energy and it’s contagious. Aside from the “techy” things, which initially is what I thought I was getting by working with her, she is so much more than I could ever have imagined. My business has grown incredibly and I now have this unbelievable mindset that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I’d quite happily pay whatever it cost to have a small version of her to carry around in my pocket.

Everyone should have a Rebecca. Period.